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Ekaterina Gladkova

Ekaterina Gladkova is a PhD researcher in Green Criminology at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Her doctoral project focuses on the links between support for farming intensification and environmental (in)justice. The project examines global, national and local institutional assemblages that advance intensive farming projects and various forms of support behind it. It also scrutinises the impact of intensification on the communities in close proximity to the farms, paying particular attention to environmental decision-making around farming intensification. Ekaterina’s research interests include environmental justice, food production and environmental harm. Her previous research concentrated on environmental and climate change governance in the Chilean Antarctic.

Publications and links

2020 – A peer-reviewed academic article. Farming Intensification and Environmental Justice in Northern Ireland. Critical Criminology. Open Access available here

2019 – A blog post for the Vegan Society ‘Veganism versus local organic farming: where to draw the line in the case of Northern Ireland’ Available here

2018 – A blog post for the Transnational Institute ‘Criminalisation of environmental harm’ Available here

2018 – A blog post for the Transnational Institute ‘The solution to implementing the SDGs? Not thinking in terms of solutions’ Available here

2018 – A peer-reviewed academic article 

Ekaterina Gladkova, Gustavo Blanco-Wells & Laura Nahuelhual (2018) Facing the climate change conundrum at the South Pole: actors’ perspectives on the implications of global warming for Chilean Antarctic governance, Polar Research, 37:1, DOI: 10.1080/17518369.2018.1468195