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Marxism 2023 | Ecosocialism Or Barbarism

The often-quoted warning from revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg that society is at a crossroads, either Socialism or Barbarism, is obviously incredibly relevant today. By the day, it is clear that our world faces a series of crises.

At the same time, 2023 has seen the movements of resistance around the world against climate catastrophe, strikes against the profiteering that has decimated ordinary people’s lives, and demonstrations against attempts to draw countries into rival imperial blocs that risks pulling us closer towards war and nuclear annihilation.

Marxism 2023 will take up the challenges these issues impose and offer a unique insight into how we address them through a range of Irish and international speakers and activists.

We are set to have a brilliant weekend of debate and discussion with radicals and activists from around the world and a fantastic line-up of speakers!

Marxism 2023 | Ecosocialism Or Barbarism is a festival of socialist ideas running between the 10th-12th November in Trinity College Dublin to discuss the alternatives to the unequal world we live in.

Marxism is Ireland’s largest left wing conference so book your place and join the socialists, activists, and speakers from across Ireland and around the world.

Each year we endeavor to showcase a series of free sessions. This years showcase includes a fantastic debate titled ‘What Kind of Left Government Do We Need?’ This session includes Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Gary Gannon TD & A Sinn Féin representative

Key themes: System Change not Climate Change // Class Struggle // Women’s Liberation // United Ireland // Marxist theory // LGBTQ+ Liberation // War & Imperialism // Socialist Strategy // Fighting the Rise of the Far Right

Location: Trinity College Dublin College Green Dublin 2 Ireland

Tickets can be bought for 10-20 euros.

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