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eNGO – The Ecojustice Legal Action Centre


The Ecojustice Legal Action Centre is a social enterprise which was conceived to provide Just Transition advocacy, protect the rights of nature, and to take legal action where necessary to hold governments and businesses to account for their ongoing contribution to climate change despite the commitments made by state parties in the Paris Agreement of 2015.

ELAC identified a need that is not presently provided for within Britain or Ireland and brings added value to climate law compared to others involved in the field.  The key aspect of the strategy ELAC will pursue is to maximise the latent power of the trade union movement to effectuate the societal change that is necessary at the scale that is necessary in a climate emergency.

ELAC will situate itself in the international debate but will have a British and Irish focus.  It will work with the International Trade Union Confederation’s Just Transition Centre at a policy and campaigning level.  However, it will bring additional focus to tackling climate change in Britain and Ireland with a view to increasing capacity for climate justice / just transition advocacy or litigation that is lacking within the legal sector.


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eNGO - The Ecojustice Legal Action Centre