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6 perspectives on the Climate Crisis

Organisation Collaboration Nation
Date 25th November 2021 09:00 AM (GMT)

This complimentary event is an invitation to a constructive conversation and a call-to-action by 6 thought leaders deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Each is an expert in a different field. Each brings their particular perspective to this complex global problem.

Dr Josie McClean on Change: "Change that Cares"

Joanne Flinn on Transitions:
"Courageous commitments"

Mary Kerrigan on Belonging:
"Catalysing connected communities"

Danielle James on Collaboration:
"Leading together in a crisis"

Dr Richard Hodge on Hope:
"Dragonfly Dancing – Metaphor for the mind"

Saskia van der Geest on Design:
"Making a difference by design"

Join us & participate in starting a conversation that airs fresh new perspectives on the climate crisis. We intend that this event will help all of us shape a new future and prompt next-step-actions so that, together, we make a real difference.

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