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Linking the Irish Environment

Building cooperation and engagement

The aim of the ‘Linking the Irish Environment’ project is to examine how to enable the environment sector across the island of Ireland to cooperate and engage on an all-island and cross-border basis to deal with shared environmental challenges, risks, and opportunities. The research has been commissioned by the Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) and the Irish Environment Network (IEN) and has been funded through Community Foundation Ireland (CFI) and Community Foundation Northern Ireland’s (CFNI) joint ‘All-island fund.

The research addresses three key areas: 1. Current environmental regulatory and governance arrangements on the island, considering the TCA, Protocol, Governance committees of agreement, international agreements, oversight, complaints, environmental standards, enforcement and risk of divergence, and how these will impact or shape future cooperation. 2. The experience of environmental cooperation across the island of Ireland of practical cooperation between environmental NGOs including NGO resourcing and support mechanisms. 3. Mechanisms and advocacy priorities which can be used or developed by NIEL/IEN to advance citizens’ and NGO engagement in all-island environmental issues.


Linking the Irish Environment NI Update

Linking the Irish Environment Final Report

Linking the Irish Environment Executive Summary Report

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