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“A University of Free Derry” – Decolonising Regional Economic Development

This event will focus on recent calls for a new university to serve the cross-border bioregion of Derry/Donegal in the North West of Ireland. We wish to make a contribution to the emerging conversation about the potential critical role of a new 21st century university in this city region, in the context of the colonial history of higher education on the island and in light of the decisive challenges that will frame policy discussions on socio-ecological development, including the prospect of building a regenerative economy.


Eóin Ó Cuinneagáin, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh, Glór na Móna, Belfast

Mary McManus, Community Wealth Building

Professor John Barry, Queens University Belfast

Daniel Wahl, Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures (TBC)


Dr Dina Belluigi, Queens University Belfast

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