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Adapting our food systems

Organisation Sydney Environment Institute
Date 9th August 2023 05:30 PM (GMT)

Industrial agriculture is a key contributor to the climate crisis, which threatens the resilience of our food systems. A panel of farmers and researchers will explore farming practices that help restore our ecosystems.
Extensive industrial farming has polluted waterways and degraded soil health, threatening the life-support systems we rely on to survive. Furthermore, intensifying industrial agricultural practices contribute 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our food systems are under threat from the very farming practices and socio-economic systems that currently underpin them.

As both the climate and biodiversity crises worsen, so too does food insecurity, effecting society’s most disadvantaged. How do we adapt our food systems to not only respond to the increasing pressures of climate change but also contribute to the restoration of our ecosystems and reduction of emissions?

A panel of farmers and leading agricultural researchers will explore innovative farming practices that are transforming our food systems.

This event, in partnership with the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, is part of the Sydney Environment Institute’s Climate Adaptation series. As climate disasters increase in severity and frequency, all sectors of society – from infrastructure and food supply chains to investment strategies – in must adapt in a just and sustainable way. This series, led by SEI Postdoctoral Fellow Justin See, platforms thought leaders across research, business, policy, and communities to delve into climate change adaptation at various scales.

This event is free and places can be reserved online. This event takes place via zoom.

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