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Becoming a Joy-Fuelled Climate Activist (NI)

Organisation Climate.Emergence | Northern Ireland Environment Link
Date 14th September 2022 07:30 PM (GMT)

An introductory workshop to support climate activists in Northern Ireland (and beyond) to fuel ourselves, our work and our life with joy.

Jo Musker-Sherwood spent 6 six years as the Founder Director of one of the UK’s fastest growing climate NGOs until she experienced a life-changing burnout. After recovering, she retrained in wellbeing and now researches resilience strategies to help activists fuel their work with joy.

In this introductory workshop, Jo will share a range of tools to help Climate Activists in Northern Ireland (and beyond)to …

Resist burnout by cultivating practices that bring you joy
Tend to the heavy emotions that climate awareness brings, such as eco-anxiety, distress and grief
Deepen your connection with others so you can find more support in community.

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