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Build People Power and Win Campaigns

Organisation Friends of the Earth NI
Date 1st March 2023 07:30 PM (GMT)


People Power and Campaign Skills is our is our in-depth course to help you build an amazing group, plan and run campaigns that make a difference, and bring new people into your movement.

About the training

The training will run over eight weeks on a Wednesday evening and cover essential campaigning and group building skills. It follows a course through a typical campaign cycle, starting with helping your group to work really well, moving on to essential campaign planning skills, looking at how to bring new people into the group and onboard them, before closing by looking at exiting and evaluating the campaign.

Over the eight-week course we’ll look at

Group culture
Barriers to participation
Cultivating leadership
Avoiding burn out and working in balance
Understanding power
Choosing a campaign
Understanding your target
Working out tactics
Messaging a campaign and telling your story
Escalation strategies
Marketing your group and building your profile
Negotiating, stopping a campaign and evaluating.

The training will be delivered in weekly 90min sessions, with an emphasis on exploring the issues together and with other participants. There will also be some work/reading to do between sessions (not much, we promise!) The reason behind this is so that we have more time in the sessions to practice new skills, think about how it will work within your own local group and learn from each other. Registrations for the course will close on 16th January so we have time to send out workbooks that accompany the sessions.

Because of the nature of the training, it will be far more impactful if attendees are actively working on a campaign or planning to start doing so soon. It would also be wonderful to have two or more people from the group attending together (it’s easier to take training back to the group and embed it when there is more than one person).

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