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Climate and Class (pt 2)

Organisation The Working Class Economists Group
Date 7th August 2023 07:00 PM (GMT)

The Working Class Economists Group Summer Series – Climate and Class (pt 2)
For too long economics and the climate movement have failed to acknowledge the role that class plays in our society. So, as our last webinar left us with many more questions, we are giving this another go!

Join us for another great discussion on where they all intersect, why we can’t fix one without the others and potential ways forward.

We will be joined by:
Asad Rahman (Director of War on Want)

Prof John Barry (Professor of Green Political Economy at Queen’s University of Belfast)

Emma River-Roberts (Working-class environmental activist)

We are looking forward to seeing you all there for what is going to be a riveting chat and Q&A!

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Admission can be reserved for free and the event takes place online

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