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Climate Camp Ireland

Organisation Climate Camp Ireland
Date 9th August 2023 12:00 AM (GMT)

We’re excited to invite you to Climate Camp 2023, which will take place in a big field in North Leitrim from 9th to 13th August. The camp will build on the success of last year’s memorable gathering in North Kerry, where we supported local resistance to the proposed Shannon LNG fracked gas import terminal.

Continuing to work in solidarity with local grassroots struggles, this year we were invited by communities in Leitrim who are resisting destructive gold mining and Coillte forestry. We invite groups and individuals from across the island of Ireland to share skills and strategies to combat these harmful and exploitative industries.

The Camp stands against destruction of community, the exploitation of land, and the politics of hate. We gather together to say No to a ruthless capitalist model that demands never-ending growth and profit. We stand for communities, not shareholders.

Register on the Climate Camp website.

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