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Climate change — is there any hope?

Organisation Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics
Date 21st March 2023 07:30 PM (GMT)

Climate change, ecological breakdown, mass suffering – the barrage of bad news about our environment is relentless.

This evokes powerful emotions: Anger, despair, powerlessness, depression. Millions suffer from a worldwide epidemic of ‘climate anxiety’. The super-rich make preparations for apocalypse, unsettling the rest of us.

The situation seems so bad that most of us would prefer not to think about it.

But despair is demotivating. Given everything that we know about climate change, is it possible to feel hopeful about the future?

Is there a way off the path that we seem to be on? What can we do collectively to save ourselves? How do we feel hopeful and motivated about the future?

In an event designed to uplift, inspire and motivate, award-winning Belfast-born environmentalist Adam McGibbon will introduce the following panel of experts, writers and scientists to discuss whether there’s hope to be found in a time of climate crisis.

This event is online and admission is free.

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