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Consultation on developing a hydrogen strategy for Ireland

Organisation Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications
Date 2nd September 2022 05:30 PM (GMT)

The Climate Action Plan 2021 set out the potential green hydrogen has to support decarbonisation across several sectors. Green hydrogen could play a significant role in sector coupling (the increased integration of energy supply and end-use sectors), and in minimising the overall cost of decarbonisation across all sectors.

There are also a number of other actions, such as those concerning renewable energy in the heat sector, where hydrogen is a relevant factor.

The National Energy Security Framework was developed to address the challenges of ensuring the ongoing and long-term security of affordable energy supply. A hydrogen strategy for Ireland is one of the key priorities in the Framework. The strategy will outline the pathways towards the production of green hydrogen, and its use in Ireland’s energy mix.

This consultation is being held to gather the views of stakeholders and interested parties, in order to inform the development of a hydrogen strategy for Ireland.

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