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Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike

Organisation Extinction Rebellion Northern Ireland
Date 15th September 2023 12:00 PM (GMT)

Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike will be taking place Friday 15th September on the streets of Belfast, marching from Custom House Square to City Hall at 12pm.

People across thousands of towns and cities around the world will march together to demand a future without fossil fuels. A future that is green and sustainable for all life on Earth.

So make sure you are free/ to book Friday 15th September off work this week.

This summer alone has seen unprecedented levels of climate refugees, record breaking temperatures, wildfires and flooding that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people and displaced thousands more.

We demand Climate justice which also means social justice, gender justice and racial justice. A just transition for workers, indigenous communities, and reparations made for Most Affected People and Areas (MAPA) by the climate crisis who are also the least responsible for it.

Our clean air, fresh water, and food security are all under threat, even our right to protest about it!

Northern Ireland has its own role to play in securing a liveable future by stopping our own greenhouse gas emissions. Ecocide happening here directly contributes to loss of life globally, such as gold mining, dumping raw sewage in rivers and lakes, plastic pollution, intensive farming, bottom trawling, deforestation, emissions from coal, oil, and gas.

This is a call to action from Indigenous and First Nations, youth activists, civil society organisations, social movements, feminist and migrant rights groups, trade unions, faith institutions, academic centres, health institutions, people of all genders and backgrounds, everywhere. We need all hands-on deck to win this fight!

Follow FFFNI on social media @Fridays for Future Northern Ireland or visit for more info.

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