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Human Rights Impacts of Fracking – Launch of NUIG HR Clinic Report

A significant body of evidence has now emerged to demonstrate that fracking is dangerous in ways that cannot be mitigated through regulation. Threats include detrimental impacts on water, air, climate stability, public health, farming, property values and economic vitality. Emerging science also shows that fracking is an environmental injustice, with injuries not borne equally by all.

Given the increased use of fracking across the world and its harmful impacts, Rowan Hickie (NUIG LLM student) and Bridget Geoghegan (NUIG LLM student) have produced a report highlighting the human rights implications involved in the fracking process under the supervision of Dr. Maeve O’Rourke and Pearce Clancy (PhD student) at the Human Rights Clinic at the National University of Galway, Ireland.

To launch the publication of this report, NUIG is delighted to host this webinar which will provide an overview of the main findings of this report.

Other speakers include, Lois Bjornson who has been directly impacted by fracking activities in Pennsylvania and Dianne Little (from Fermanagh) who risks being affected by fracking with her local community if the Department of Economy in Northern Ireland approves the current fracking applications that have been submitted by Tamboran Resources (UK) Ltd, Eddie Mitchell from Love Leitrim and Michelle Drury (NUIG LLM student) about a proposal calling on Ireland to bring forward a resolution to the UN for a global ban on fracking.

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