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Imagining Food Futures

In these powerful times of global ‘polycrisis’, it is becoming ever more obvious that the food, farming and land use systems in which we participate, whatever their merits, contribute hugely to the climate and ecological emergencies, and so are having adverse effects on people, places and the planet. At the same time, more and more people and families are experiencing food insecurity as cost-of-living crises engendered by interconnected consequences of events such as wars and the chaotic, inept and inequitable nature of domestic political governance, not least in the UK.

Given this disturbing reality, focusing attention, critically and constructively, on how the food we eat is produced, processed, distributed, procured and prepared feels like something we should be doing.

This gathering over a light early evening meal will provide an opportunity for people to come together in a civic space where they can engage in reflective conversation about various aspects of the food farming systems. There will likely be much food for thought!

The gathering is also intended as a tangible celebration of the convivium. Those participating will also be able to ‘break bread’ together as well ‘make sense’ together.

This event is part of a collaborative exploration of aspects of the food systems, involving the QUB Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action (SECA) and the South Belfast Eco-Quaker Group. The convivium will be co-hosted by John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy and Director of SECA, and Denis Stewart, a member of the International Futures Forum and active participant in the work of the South Belfast Eco-Quakers.

Location: Canada Room, Main Lanyon Building, Queen’s University Belfast University Road Belfast BT7 1NN

Tickets are free.

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