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Mental Health and Climate Change: Can Nature Engagement Enhance Resilience

The EPA funded Climate Change in the Irish Mind study has provided insights on both levels of eco-anxiety and pathways to change climate related behaviours across the Irish population. This 2 day conference builds upon this research by 1) highlighting related research in Ireland on this topic (GoGreenRoutes H2020 project), 2) Showcasing how forthcoming research applying survey methods will create citizen profiles which promote engagement in pro-environmental and climate-mitigating and health promoting behaviours and 3) Co-creating a knowledge brief on Eco-Anxiety and the role of activities in nature (e.g. citizen science) in ameliorating this stressor. World Mental Health Day (Oct.10th) is a key milestone to raise awareness of the potential pathways in which nature supports our functioning and can promote social cohesion, mental health, well-being and a heightened concern for environmental stewardship. There is an imperative that we exploit the advantage of learning from the converging international evidence-based practice across a range of areas in NBS, nature-based interventions and citizen science. The conference, the fourth event held with partners Mental Health Ireland, the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University and EU project GoGreenRoutes, is a fitting initiative in the current context to address the psychological impact of climate change and the role that nature engagement has in addressing issues such as eco-anxiety.

Location: Hamilton Institute, Seminar Room 317 Maynooth Ireland

Admission is free and spots can be reserved online.

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