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NOW that’s what I call Environmental Protection

Organisation Friends of the Earth NI
Date 16th September 2022 01:00 PM (GMT)

Northern Ireland still doesn’t have an independent Environmental Protection Agency. Is it time for a fresh campaign?

Northern Ireland is one of the most ecologically damaged countries in the world we still don’t even have an independent Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).

In short, our regulatory system is broken.

We are not asking for an IEPA but demanding one. And we need to make sure it is sufficiently strong and independent to meet the challenges of the ecological crisis and the climate emergency. Everyone should have the right to a healthy environment. But we need the structures in place to make sure those who are harming our air, land and water are held accountable.

This event will hear voices from a panel of speakers, but most importantly we want to hear your voice.

Lunch is provided.

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