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PEACEPLUS IA 5.1 Biodiversity, Nature Recovery and Resilience

Organisation Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)
Date 29th March 2023 01:00 PM (GMT)


PEACEPLUS is a new European Union funding programme designed to support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, building upon the work of the previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes. The design reflects the importance of peace-building activity, but also the importance of actions that will contribute positively to the economy, building prosperity and adjusting to the new environment and challenges we face.

The Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) is responsible for managing PEACEPLUS. We are working on the content and timing of the funding calls across the 6 key themes of the Programme.

THEME 1: Building Peaceful And Thriving Communities

THEME 2: Delivering Socio-Economic Regeneration And Transformation

THEME 3: Empowering And Investing In Our Young People

THEME 4: Healthy And Inclusive Communities

THEME 5: Supporting A Sustainable And Better Connected Future

THEME 6: Building And Embedding Partnership And Collaboration

In July 2022, the European Commission formally adopted the €1.1 billion Programme which represents a strong partnership between the EU, the Governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive, all of whom have supported and approved its development. The next step is the finalisation and ratification of the arrangements between the United Kingdom and the European Commission, which is anticipated in Spring 2023, and will see the launch of the Programme and funding calls opened.

The key objective of this IA is to ‘enhance nature protection and biodiversity and reduce pollution’, resulting in an increase in the surface area of selected habitats and habitats for species in improving condition.

The SEUPB anticipates that a funding call for this Investment Area will open in Summer of 2023. In advance of the funding call, this workshop will provide preliminary guidance to help potential applicants build their project, programme knowledge, and capacity so that they are best placed to make a quality application, with a strong focus on outcomes that meet programme targets and the overarching aim of Peace and Prosperity.

An indicative budget allocation has been set at €40 million for this Investment Area.

Investment Area 5.1 is targeted at organisations who are working in cross-border collaboration to facilitate the recovery of selected habitats and species across the Programme Area. It presents an opportunity to build upon INTERREG VA Programme by continuing to promote cross-border co-operation and facilitating the recovery of additional protected habitats and priority species.

This will take place at THE JUNCTION 12 Beechvalley Way Dungannon BT70 1BS and admission is free.

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