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Peatlands: a climate solution

Organisation Royal Irish Academy
Date 28th May 2021 01:00 PM (GMT)

Several EPA projects have now been carried out investigating the effects of current uses of bogs on gaseous and fluvial emissions, carbon and nutrient stocks and biodiversity – demonstrating the adequacy and urgency of climate policy instruments involving the management peat soils.

The most recent study found that Irish bogs store even more carbon than previously estimated and thus are likely to play an even more important role in climate mitigation.

Join the Royal Irish Academy for a climate conversation with Dr Florence Renou-Wilson on the role Irish peatlands can play in climate mitigation.

Dr Renou-Wilson is Principal Investigator, Lecturer and Director of MSc Programme in Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy at the School of Biology & Environmental Science, University College Dublin; Partner Earthy Matters environmental consultants, Co. Donegal.

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