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Place Making, Just Transition and Bog Bothy, a New Peatlands Architecture

Place Making, Just Transition and Bog Bothy, a New Peatlands Architecture
With Bernardine Carroll from the Irish Architecture Foundation and architect David Jameson from 12th Field

About this Event

Bernardine Carroll from the Irish Architecture Foundation and David Jameson from 12th Field, will speak about placemaking, Just Transition and what a new peatlands architecture might look like through their project Bog Bothy.

“Bog Bothy” brings together the Irish Architecture Foundation, in partnership with architects Evelyn D’Arcy and David Jameson (12th Field) in a project that will help nurture a new, sustainable relationship with Ireland’s ecologically and culturally important bog landscape. This project builds on the Irish Architecture Foundation’s years of placemaking programmes, with a recent focus on the changing sense of place in the Irish midlands. This region is currently at the heart of national climate action policy, as harvesting of ecologically important peat is stopped through a range of state measures. In this talk, we will explore the ecological and cultural context of the peatlands, and what a Just Transition means to communities shouldering the burden of climate actions. We will then present and discuss the Bog Bothy project, and share some of the interesting findings regarding the architecture of the peatlands and its framing as a cultural landscape.

Established in 2005, the Irish Architecture Foundation is an independent organisation dedicated to the promotion of architecture as culture. We encourage people to engage with their built environment, to inspire new ways of thinking about architecture. We see a future where architecture is a civic right, fundamental to the fabric of life, culture and history, and a confident expression of who we are and who we might become.

12th Field is a collaboration between architects Evelyn D’Arcy and David Jameson, who since 2021 have been working together with peatland communities in the midlands. 12th Field explores ways in which architecture can reignite our ancient relationship with the bog, by creating new rituals and opportunities to interact with it, remembering the social history of the bog, and including local communities as co-creators in the design and construction process.

Location: Ulster University, BC-05-302, York Street, Belfast, United Kingdom

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