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Scotland and NI online monthly network meeting: Community and Travel with Sustrans Scotland

Organisation Eden Project Communities
Date 30th March 2023 06:00 PM (GMT)

How community organisations and individuals can set up projects to encourage their communities to walk, wheel or cycle more.

Come along and join us for this casual, regular networking session, providing an opportunity to meet other community do-ers, talk about projects and ideas, seek support, build connections and talk about community projects with others across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our march session will explore the impact of climate, cars, and cost of travel on community life and how we move in and around our local neighbourhoods. This will lead into a discussion about how community organisations can set up a project to encourage their communities to walk, wheel or cycle more. We’ll be joined by guest speaker Barbara Kerr of Sustrans Scotland who will share information from a new series of workshops that are being delivered focussing on these themes.

1. What does the cost of living crisis mean for the communities we live in and how can travelling actively help?
2. What is the climate impact of transport in Scotland? Explore how community groups can take action to reduce car use in their local area.
3. What impacts does a car dependent society have and how this can affect our communities.”

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