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The All-Ireland Water & Wastewater Expo

Organisation Premier Publishing & Events
Date 23rd November 2023 09:00 AM (GMT)

The All-Ireland Water & Wastewater Expo is a conference and exhibition designed to bring together key stakeholders from the municipal, industrial and domestic water & wastewater community together to discuss and debate the key issues facing our water & wastewater sector.

Multi-annual funding worth €6 billion will be provided under the National Development Plan between now and 2026 to bring the water infrastructure and treatment facilities up to world class standards.

Investment includes individual projects like building new or upgrading existing water and wastewater treatment plants or upgrading existing networks. It also includes national programmes like leakage reduction or disinfection programmes where important activities are being delivered at a large scale in a consistent and efficient way across the country.

Industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, electronics, medical device, textiles, precision are also experiencing increased demand for high quality water and will need to meet stringent EU environmental quality standards and regulations. ESG & Sustainability concerns are leading to significant investments in water efficiency and wastewater treatment, waste to energy programmes etc.

Who Should Attend:

• Policy makers and advisors

• Group water scheme operators

• Local authorities

• Energy Managers

• Director of Water Treatment

• Water Director

• Engineering Contractors

• Solution Providers

• Engineering Managers

• Government departments and agencies

• Heads of water supplies, services and planning

• Infrastructure managers

• Large industry users – food, pharma, electronics, chemical, medical

• Technical and environmental managers

• Sustainability Directors

• Quality Assurance managers

Location The Pavilion Building, Leopardstown Racecourse The Leopardstown Pavilion, Leopardstown Racecourse Dublin Ireland

Admission is free and can be reserved online.

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