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Upcoming Training: GreenspaceNI Map – Making the most of GreenspaceNI in your organisation using ArcGIS online and ArcPRO

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Date 20th March 2024 10:30 AM (GMT)

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2024
Time: 10.30am – 11.45am
Location: Webinar

The GreenspaceNI Map provides public bodies, community groups and landowners with insights as to where accessible greenspace is needed most and the best routes to connect people to their local greenspace. This will enable all stakeholders to work towards the overarching ambition for everyone to have accessible quality greenspace within their community.

Following on from our successful launch event in June, we are now offering an opportunity for you to delve deeper into the GreenspaceNI. This online training workshop is the second of two. The first event, aimed at GIS beginners was titled “GreenspaceNI – The data and applications: a beginners guide to unleashing their full potential” and can be viewed here – GreenspaceNI – A beginners guide. This next event will give those with access to ArcGIS the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

The event will give you the chance to explore the resources that are available to ArcGIS users and how to utilise their full potential. The format of this session, unlike the previous webinar will be more interactive, with a chance to work though some common functions and ask questions in a smaller group scenario. The session will therefore require access to ArcGIS.

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Making the most of Greenspace NI in your org

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