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Young Greens – Óige Ghlas Convention 2021

Organisation Young Greens
Date 4th December 2021 11:00 AM (GMT)

The Young Greens Convention will involve a panel discussion on ‘Going Green: Politics vs Campaigning’- exploring the potential work and input of a Young Greens Movement, as both a political body and campaigning group. Speakers include:

Marie Stadtler – Scottish Young Greens International Officer
● Deputy Neasa Hourigan TD
● Tate Donnelly – Green Party EC Member
● Mícheál Ó Cadhla – Greenpeace Campaigner

It also include significant proposal put forward by members including a proposal recognizing that climate change is largely caused by excessive consumption and materialism of the West/Global North, driven by the need for consistent economic growth.

The Young Greens recommend that we critique and change our current neo-liberal capitalist
economic system to embrace principles degrowth and circular economy on a much more systemic level.

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