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Dr Ciara Brennan

Director & Academic Lead

Dr Ciara Brennan is a lecturer in environmental law and regulation at Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University. She is a transdisciplinary researcher specialising in the enforcement of environmental law, environmental justice, systems of environmental governance and environmental politics. She has a particular interest in environmental governance in post-conflict societies and has published widely on environmental governance challenges in Northern Ireland. She is committed to enhancing the quality of environmental justice delivered on the island of Ireland.

Ciara’s role in EJNI is to promote and build collaborations between academic and non-academic stakeholders, manage the website, oversee production of resources, develop research proposals and organise EJNI workshops. During 2020/21 Ciara will be developing the work of EJNI while on a Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Sabbatical based at Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland.

Dr Ciara Brennan, Director & Academic Lead